About Us

About Us

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jeoga.com – Among hundreds of shopping- ‘karts’ which are mushrooming on the internet every day, jeoga is One of its kind venture, which carries only very unique and very necessary products for day to day healthy living for both men and women.

Jeoga is a bright star in the universe. True to its name, Jeoga is one of the leading beauty accessory brand in India. A one stop shop for ‘head to toe’ beauty tools. We have an unparalled range of Hair Brushes , Hair Combs , Makeup Brushes , Manicure , Pedicure , Bath , Face and Hair Accessories to cater to all types of hair , skin , face and body.

We have taken this beauty lineage forward with our Personal Care Appliances category and have a large differentiated portfolio of Hair Straighteners , Hair Dryers , Hair Curlers , Hair Stylers , Hair Styling Sets , Grooming appliances.

Most of our products are DIY , home use products which ease life of our consumers who are always multitasking and hard pressed for time.

Jeoga stands for innovation. It has been our endeavour to ensure our products are priced competitively within reach of our consumer.

Jeoga is the must have style partner for all the fashion conscious and free spirited women to showcase different facets of their versatile personality. Our brand tag line symbolises this – Be all that you want to be with Jeoga Multi styling and grooming products. Be Jeoga

Turning the idiom ‘Consumer is the king’ on it’s head, Jeoga believes in treating each of it’s customers as a ‘Queen’ who deserves nothing but the very best! Jeoga’s Queens can expect Jeoga to continue pampering them with a range of innovative products that will continue to reflect in the brand’s high quality ethos and workmanship backed by impeccable customer service. With further strengthening of the distribution network and the tireless efforts of it’s entire team, Jeoga continues to expand it’s presence in all parts of the country.