JEOGA Adhesive Stainless Steel Silver Wall Hooks for Wall Hanging, Kitchen, Bathroom


These hooks look very stylish and will fit nicely in your home, office, kitchens etc. Since these are adhesive hooks, they can stick to most flat and smooth surfaces like tiles, refrigerators, cabinet doors, wardrobes and other such surfaces. These hooks have an adhesive which keeps them stuck firmly to the surface. Very simple to affix, first clean the surface and let it dry properly, then peel off the paper on the back and stick the hook on to the surface. Press it so that it sticks firmly. Each hook can take up to 1Kg weight which is more than enough for most daily use items. Use it to hang towels, napkins, small purses, clothes and many other things.

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  • It has good quality adhesive backing and can carry the rated weight of 1kg on each hook
  • Material: Stainless Steel, Color: Silver, High grade Self Adhesive Material
  • Weight carrying capacity - 1kg of each hook, capacity varies as per product and base material of place were hook is sticked
  • Suitable for Tile, Glass, Stainless Steel Face. Sticking Depend on Material on which you are sticking do not stick hooks on hot areas
  • Adhesive Wall-Mounting Stick The Hook on to a Surface Like a Fridge, Kitchen Cabinets, Bathrooms or Wash-Basin Tiles
  • Multipurpose Hooks Which Can Be Used for Hanging Towels, Small Purses, Clothes and Many More Lightweight Items



You can use these hooks anywhere like Home, Bathroom, Kitchen, Office, etc.


Apply on smooth surface such as Plank, Metal, Glass, Wood, Acrylic, PVC, Marble, Ceramic Tile etc. for the hook to long last on the wall.


It cannot stick on surfaces like Drywall, Wallpaper, Uneven Wall, Painted Wall.


Clean the surface with a clean towel. Then remove the peel from the hook and firmly apply on the dry surface. Wait for 12 hours and it’s ready to use.

Additional information

Weight 0.03 kg
Dimensions 15.7 × 8.9 × 1.3 cm



6 Pcs.


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